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How to install and modify the free website templates in cPanel?

All our free CMS tools and website templates are web-based software’s, (all you need is a web browser) no installation on your computer and no ads on your website.


Do you already have a hosting account and using cPanel? If yes, continue with the following guide. If not, you will have to order your hosting plan first and your account will be setup within 2 to 24 hours with the free templates.

  1. Go to Web & Cloud and click on ‘User Login’ (at the top right of the page)
  2. Click on the cPanel logo
  3. Enter your user name and password to logon to your control panel
  4. Click on Fantastico De Luxe (located at the bottom of your control panel)
  5. Search for (Template Express) and choose a desired template
  6. Click on new installation and follow the other 2 instructions on the screen to complete the installation
  7. Go to your website to see your new website live.

See our website/e-commerce installation service if you need help with the installation or joomla and other templates.


How to modify the template with your own text and images?

Now, you can use the template as you see it or modify the entire template to suit your needs. You can change the whole template to completely new look by modifying: the pictures, the colour, the background and the position.

  1. Logon to your control panel
  2. Click on ‘file manager’ and click on ‘ok’ to enter the file manager area.
  3. Open the directory/map where the template is located.
    *The best way to have your website looks the same way as the template is to first modify the images. Open the map ‘images’ you will see all the images that are used on the template.
  4. Open the images one-by-one to see the size, the name and the extension. Then create your own images with the same size and save your images with the same name and extension as the image that you want to replace, (e.g. if you want to replace bg.jpg create your own image and save it as bg.jpg)
  5. upload your own images from your computer to the map ‘images’ on your template.
    *Do you want to change the colour and location of the images? Then open the file ‘custom.css’ and make the needed changes.
    *Edit the pages: open the html pages one-by-one (e.g. index.html) and click on ‘html Editor’ (located at the top of the file manager page.)
  6. Replace the text and the pictures with your own contents and click on save.
  7. Go and visit your website with your own contents.

See our website/e-commerce installation service if you need help with the installation or joomla and other templates.

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