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About Us

Establishing and managing innovative and sustainable presence in the digital world has been Web & Cloud’s core business since 2003. We analyze, program (web & mobile), design, promote, advise, register, automate, migrate, host in the cloud, and we can manage all or part of company’s IT and online payment needs, at highly competitive prices, without compromising quality and security.

The company (formally known as R&D Business Services) was founded in 2003, with the goal of harnessing the power of digital solutions to create business opportunities and individual’s self-empowerment tools to promote sustainable livelihoods.

Since 2003 we’ve built up an outstanding client portfolio and a track record of success and we still remain growing; first by encouraging innovation through designing new products/services to meet the needs of our customers and secondly by extending our global reach. Web & Cloud continues to strategically position itself to be more competitive on the global market, as we serve both banked and unbanked businesses and individuals globally.

Contact & Place of business

The Netherlands

Address: Jachtvalk 24

BC: 61020419

VAT Number:  NL8541.68.618.B01

Postal code: 3534ZE, Nieuwegein

Tel:  0031 308906573


Benin republic

Lot 3605 parcelles H, Fiyègnon II, Fidjrossè.

En face de ABE Cotonou, Benin

BC: RCCM RB/COT/15 B 13117



No 5 Willem street.

Lagos island, Nigeria

BC:  1256725


Our mission

Our mission is to create value by supporting companies with innovative digital solutions that will helps them reduce cost, increase revenue and remain competitive, and by providing tools and opportunities for individual’s self-empowerment, to promote sustainable livelihoods.

As a profitable business, the mission of Web & Cloud is not just about the money; it’s about doing the right thing as a good citizen; working hard to create value, contribute and have a lasting impact in the community.


Our vision

Our vision is to become an accountable industry leader that strives to balance the interests of people, the planet and profit and a reliable employer of choice that values its people as one of its most valuable assets.


Our solutions

Web & Cloud’s approach to satisfying the needs of our clients is to constantly researching and developing innovative digital products and services to the best advantage of our corporate and individual clients.

Let's help you establish your presence in the digital world

At Web & Cloud, we are constantly researching and developing innovative business solutions and individual`s self-empowerment tools through the power of: Cloud technology, E-teaching & E-Leaning, E-commerce, Outsourcing, Crowd-sourcing, Crowd-funding, Crowd-investing and Mobile technology, to help you and your company have the courage to draw the world into the palm of your hand and let technology works to your best advantage.


No matter simple or complex your digital technology needs, we can handle it. Web & Cloud has the perfect solutions for everyone.


What sets us apart?

Building and sustaining long-term relationships with our clients is our most important priority.

Besides our cost-effective solutions, flexible and responsive approach, we serve both banked and unbanked companies and individuals and give them the possibility of paying for their desired services installmentally; regardless of their location across the globe. With a team of experienced professionals on hand to serve your needs, we will work closely with you to ensure we achieve the most effective solution for your business or private needs.


Our servers and Data center

Our servers are permanently connected to the internet through a high-speed backbone under a reliable and strong web infrastructure. The Data Center of our servers is powered by SoftLayer, and managed with industry-leading hardware and equipment to ensure the highest level of performance, reliability, and interoperability. More info>>

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